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Bluetooth Turntable


1. multispeed control.JPG

Multi-Speed Control

Have multiple different speeds to control record on your

Freestanding Bluetooth Turntable.


Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy music from your smart device with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology


Removable Legs

With removable legs, you can place your turntable on a bench or keep the legs to have it freestanding.

4. built-in speakers.JPG

Built-in Speakers

Sit back and listen to your favourite music in style with built-in speakers.

5. headphone jac.JPG

Headphone Jack

Supports playing music through a smart device via the headphone jack.


USB/SD Media Playback

USB/SD Media Playback is supported on this device. Listen to all your favourite music via a USB drive.


BTR80L - Instruction Manual.pdf